Glutathione Skin Whitening Pills, Whitening Pills, HOLLYWOOD ESSENTIALS® (Germany)


For skin that’s noticeably white!

Get a noticeably white skin with the safest and most effective skin whitening and anti-aging supplement and bloom into a radiant, flawless you with the complete effective skin whitening formula!

Be overwhelmed with complements and attention as your skin evolves from being white to flawless, glowing and strikingly fairer with Placenta White Advanced – the first-ever skin whitening supplement with 10 active ingredients. An all-in-one skin whitening supplement that gives skin a fairer complexion, reverses aging process and detoxifies the entire body. Enhanced with the 4 latest ingredients in skin whitening, anti-aging and detoxifying such as B-CRP, Lycopene, Coix Lacyrma Jobi Seed Extract and Soybean Isoflavone, it provides you with improved and unparalleled skin whitening, anti-aging and health benefits.

Placental Protein erases wrinkles and prevents skin sagging, giving you a softer, tighter and moisturized skin that looks refreshed all day. With Collagen that is extracted from the tiniest molecule of fish skin, the most desirable collagen source that also provides valuable amino acids for a better absorbtion by the body.

Its double skin whitening action actively controls melanin production to prevent skin darkening while lightening your current complexion. Together with its powerful anti-aging ingredients, say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and hello to a youthful glow! Reveal your inner beauty as it removes harmful toxins inside the body to make you healthier and more active. No other brands can give you the change to be glamorous and experience complete pampering in just one skin whitening supplement but Placenta White Advanced! See the difference in as fast as 14 days!

650 mg/ 120 Tablets